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Duchesse-Linie V-Ausschnitt Kathedrale Schleppe Organza Brautkleid mit Rüschen Spitze Perlen verziert (002001220)

Artikelnummer #002001220
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Originalpreis: 354.04

Preis:   190.18
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  • Bitte lassen Sie uns weitere Details zukommen, damit wir Ihr Kleid speziell für Sie maßschneidern können.
    Bitte beachten Sie den Zuschlag für die Maßanfertigung € 18.57. cm-inch UmrechnerWie Nehmen Sie Maß

    (inch)*Pflichtangabe, z.B. 34.50
    (inch)*Pflichtangabe, z.B. 27.50
    (inch)*Pflichtangabe, z.B. 37.75
    (inch)*Pflichtangabe, z.B. 59.00
    (inch)*Pflichtangabe, z.B. 69.00
    Unsere Schneider werden noch ca. 5 cm (ca. 2 inch) zusätzlich für bodenlange Kleider und Kleider mit Schleppe hinzufügen um ggf. Schuhabsätze zu berücksichtigen.

  • * Alle Brautkleider die Sie heute bestellen, werden nach dem 02.08.2019 geliefert und kommen nach dem 07.08.2019 an.
  • 190.18
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Fragen und Antworten:

Von Maxine2013-07-16 23:29:22
I placed an order, but it says my card is unavailable. What’s the problem? can you tell me how to deal with it?

Antwort von JennyJoseph 2013-07-16 23:48:56

Thanks for shopping on our website!

Sorry to hear that you have encountered the payment problems. We hope you could try again later with another Internet browser. Would you please also confirm with your bank to see whether there is any problem with your card and try another card? If time is allowed, we also suggest you register a PayPal account and pay via PayPal , which is very easy and convenient.

But according to what we know, some countries will not allow the use of PayPal . If your country is one of them, please kindly tell us. We will send our bank transfer information to you. You may try Western Union and Wire Transfer.

Thanks for your time and your support!
Von Ailsa2013-07-06 22:41:16
What is the fabric of this dress? And Can you send me some with the dress?

Antwort von JennyJoseph 2013-07-06 23:50:26

Thanks for shopping on our website!

We have checked for you, and the fabric of this dress is organza. Surely we also have a large collection of beautiful fabrics for you to choose from. Please go to http://www.JennyJoseph.de/Extra-Fabric-033004058-g4058 to order the fabric.

By the way, we would like to kindly remind you that all of our fabrics will be sent out in half yard separately. If you want a whole piece of fabrics and also order a custom-sized dress, please write down your instruction in the Special Instruction Column at the bottom of checkout page. Then we will prepare the products for you accordingly.

Otherwise, if you decide to buy a standard size dress and want a whole piece of fabrics, please tell us your request through email as soon as possible after you place the order. Then we can inform our dressmakers to prepare the correct fabrics for you before the shipment of your order.

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we could help with.
Von Zelda2013-06-28 00:48:52
Why are the dresses so cheap on your website?

Antwort von JennyJoseph 2013-06-28 02:05:56

Thanks for shopping on our website!

Some customers also have expressed their doubt about our low price. Actually, different from most companies, we just have a direct link with the dresses factories. In this case, the expense saved from the middleman market can be used to guarantee the higher quality and lower price of our dresses. It is really quite worthy to get a dress from us.

Now we sincerely hope your doubt will no longer exist. We can assure that you will experience a wonderful purchase at our website.
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